what it is


Permaculture is a contraction of „permanent“, „agriculture“ and „culture“. The word is coined by Bill Morrison and David Holgren in the mid 1970th and their original focus was sustainable food production.

But through the years it became much more than just „gardening“. Permaculture includes all aspects of how we as human beings can live harmoniously in relation to our earth. You can apply these principles to gardening, agriculture, green economic, buildings, waste treatment, transport, creating a livelihood, community, health care or even personal lifestyle.

The basic concept of Permaculture is creating sustainable human habitats by examining and following natures pattern. The focus is on the relation between the system properties and their optimal usage.  For us it means creating a rural self-regulated property, ensuring food, water and energy security into the coming decades.

Be warned, learning about Permaculture can be as life changing for you as it was for us. You can follow our way here..


  perma via agriculture

  perma via agriculture