About us

Who we are

We are an Indo-German mixed couple with 2 kids and a dog. We’d been living in Bali for the last 10 years and had been looking for ways to move away from the crowds and high density living, back to more natural and simple way of being.

One day, wandering through South Sumatra together, we came across the little village of Way Jambu. Everyone there was living more or less off the grid, and had everything they needed to live, love and laugh.

So it made us reflect – what we do we really value and need in life?

  • Happiness
  • Nature
  • Money (at least a bit)

But we needed to find a way to put those elements together so they worked in harmony, not conflict.

By combining our passion for sustainable living, the educational needs of our kids and our dream as surfers to live in harmony with the ocean, we bought a plot of land and are starting to bring a dream to life.

Our Surf Farm target to draw together a perfect blending between surfing and sustainable living that aims to bring us, and all of our future guests life’s highest achievement. Happiness.