meet Jo

Basic informations:

Jo is born 76 in Malang, Java, Indonesia, in a Muslim Family. When he was born his mom was 14 and a view years later she had to run away from her 35years older husband. To make sure Jo is safe she gave him to her older sister, which was married to a Hindu Balinese.

At this time the government tired to settle people in Sumatra to civilize the jungle over there. Jo`s Uncle took the chance and moved his small family over there to become a farmer of 4hectar gratis Land. So ever since Jo grew up in Hindu traditions. As his school couldn’t provide Hindu lessons,  Jo had to study Catholicism for a degrade at high school.

After this had been done he preferred to leave the poorly farming existence to find a better life in Bali. He found a very nice german person who supported him with studying Hotel management and traveling around the world. After the Uni he worked for a while at Storm Beer before he started a totally different way of Life.

He already surfed before he started at Kimasurfaris, but working there sharped his surfing and personality. 7years he spent in this company until he decided to do what he love for himself. Yousurf provided us as a family everything we needed.

transferring whole Way Jambu into a Permaculture Village with equal thinking people, living in harmony with each other and nature