meet Koni

basic information:
Koni is born 79 in Karl- Marx- Stadt, East Germany. When she was 10 the wall fall and a colourfull new life overwhelmed her close to capital where her family moved when she was 4. She went to highschool, but decide to make her way without a A-level degree. She left her hometown and moved to Kiel to full fill a training as a youth and child care worker.  In the following Social Work study she took a year off to explore New Zealand. At this journey she stopped before and after NZ in Bali at a Surfcamp. After she returned as an intern she had a stellar carrier within 7 years to the Camp Host/ Manager always knowing she does what she loves. With the birth of the 2.kid she decide to become a housewife and lives ever since at home.

her vision:

Creating an eatable garden for herself, her kids and grandchildren to become and stay independent. As well buying as much as possible land at the edge of the close by rain forest to restore and increase the Jungle.